Jean-Pierre Hickey

Associate Professor


·Research Scientist, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Goettingen, Germany (2014-15)

·Postdoc, Center for Turbulence Research (CTR), Stanford University, Stanford, USA (2013-14)

·PhD, Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Canada (2008-12)

·MSc, Darmstadt University of Technology, Darmstadt, Germany (2005-07)

·BIng, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Montreal, Canada (2000-04)

Mohsen Mondegari

PhD student

(co-supervised with Prof. John Wen)

Arnav Joshi

MASc student

Title: Acoustic source localization in turbulent flows

Mikeala Lewis

Ph.D. student

Thesis: Conjugate heat transfer modeling in external aerothermodynamics

Pranav Nath

PhD student

Thesis: One-dimensional turbulence modeling for shock/turbulence interaction

Nipin Lokanathan 

PhD student

co-supervised: Prof Mihaela Vlasea


Jeswin Joseph

PhD student

Thesis: Near-wall modeling of hypersonic boundary layers

Sophie Hillcoat

MASc  student

Thesis: Transpiration cooling in a high-speed turbulent boundary layer

Connor MacRobbie

MASc student

co-supervision: Prof. John Wen

Thesis: Additive manufacturing of energetic materials

Ben Cha 

MASc student

co-supervised: Prof John Wen


Dr. Anqi Wang


Thesis: Near-wall modeling of hypersonic boundary layers

Mohammad Fasahat Khan

MASc  student

Thesis: Numerical modeling of low-specific speed pump

Kevin Zhang

MASc student

co-supervision: Prof. Mihaela Vlasea

Thesis: Additive manufacturing of architechted porous structures

Lukas Weber


co-supervised: Prof John Wen


Ahmed Saieed 

Vanier Scholar- PhD student

Thesis: Particle-laden turbulent flows

Chris Drapeau


Thesis: Infrasound generation in atmospheric turbulence

Bowen Li

PhD student (visiting scholar)

Thesis:  Supercritical CO2 power cycles

Zekang Wang

PhD student (visiting scholar)

Thesis:  Scaling of axisymmetric hypersonic boundary layers

Asfhin Shaygani

Research Associate/Post-doc


Visiting Researcher